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SUCCESS MANTRA [Combating – “I Forget Syndrome”]


If you feel, you forget what you learn and fail to reproduce the same during the exam, you have the “I forget syndrome”. In my opinion, it is the worst problem a student can suffer from at this fag end of the pre-professional academic year of class 12.

Here are five golden Rules to overcome the problem:-

1.RELAX: Because learning is better when you are relaxed


3 wRITE to reinforce learning

4.REVISE because the human brain tends to forget what is not oft -repeated.

5.RE – RELAX….why relax again? This is most important.

Have you ever thought of the advantages of Tension? I searched the ‘Advantages of Tension’ on Google. The first post in the search was Surface Tension.:-) Try it out yourself…

When google itself does not have any information about the advantages of tension, can we have any? So why remain tense?

Follow the above simple rules and let confidence win over nervousness.




  1. gunjan raghav says:

    thank you sir for your valueable tips ….its a great initiative taken by you………hope these will help us in exams and future…..

    • I K Gogia says:

      I appreciate the comments. They reflect your desire to learn life skills and to excel by the day.
      Feel free to write about any problems you may come across.
      Best Wishes!

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