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Set your priorities right………. A Short Story………

Dear Students
Here is a story I would like to share with you as you use the internet for this blog. I read it over 30 years ago and feel this is the most appropriate time to share it with you.
‘Virtue’ (good habits) and ‘Vice’ (bad habits) were identical twin sisters. In early childhood, they could be differentiated by different clothes they wore. Once the twins went to take a bath in a river. They left their clothes on the riverside. Vice came out first. True to her name, she thought of a mischief and wore her sister’s clothes and left. When Virtue came out, she has no choice but to wear the clothes left by Vice. The two have never met since and appear to have deceptive looks.
What appears to be Virtue or Vice may actually not be so.
It is important for each one of you to look beyond appearance.
The Message: You may find the use of the internet for different social contact fun, but it is very important for you at this stage to stay focused and shun all distractions like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Happy Learning!

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