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Wave Optics-III


The unit OPTICS is an important part of class 12 C.B.S.E. Physics syllabus. It carries 14 marks constituting 20% of the theory paper.

The sub-unit wave optics is being posted first in four parts. In part I, we covered Huygen theory and the derivation of laws of reflection & refraction. Part III deals with Diffraction of light. Questions based on this phenomenon in the CBSE examination are generally direct.

A few sample questions have also been included for your benefit.

In order to prepare this unit, serious effort and written practice is required. Practice the diagrams as well. A neat  and carefully drawn diagram will help you understand the phenomenon better. The phenomenon requires background knowledge of Interference of light. This article may help you secure 3 marks.

Get started.

Click below to begin.

Wave Optics III 

Happy Learning!


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