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Towards Examination with Confidence (Reinforcing Learning-III)


In order to give you a clear idea of the type of questions asked in the CBSE examination and the model answers  thereof, a few previous years  CBSE papers will be posted.

The important topics covered in each paper will also be listed.

The third in the series is  CBSE Physics (Foreign) 2013 Paper.

The important topics covered in this paper are:

Transistor Characteristics, Zener diode as a Voltage regulator, Intrinsic & Impurity semiconductors, Diffraction at a single slit, Lens Makers’ Formula, Brewster’s law, Mutual inductance, Series LCR Circuit, Meter bridge, Compound Microscope, Refracting & reflecting type telescope, Radioactive Decay Law, Alpha particle scattering, Energy stored in a capacitor, Compound microscope.

Go through the answers carefully.

Don’t forget the importance of written practice.

Click below and start!


You may share the link to the blog with your friends of class XII.

HELPLINE No: 91-7838849939 (Between 1800-1900 hrs IST only)

Happy Learning!


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