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Welcome my dear students


This blog was launched in January 2014 with a short-term goal of helping students of class 12 prepare for CBSE Physics examination March, 2014. Initially, the blog aimed at helping low achievers garner the much-needed confidence to face the examination. We started with MLL (minimum level of learning) required to get through the examination. In order to achieve this objective, a series of posts titled: ‘TOWARDS EXAMINATION WITH CONFIDENCE’ were shared with the students.

It made me happy to note that the posts were read & followed by a large number of students in India and over a dozen other countries.

A number of students requested for strategies to excel in Physics. To cater to need of such students, the posts GETTING 90+ in Physics; Tips & tricks, Motivational videos, Quotes and a host of other useful material was shared in addition to the preparation of QUICK REVISION KIT needed for the examination.

To give the students an idea of REAL TIME QUESTIONS, latest sample paper issued by CBSE for the said exam of March 2014 with solutions along with a fairly large number of previous year papers (with to the point solutions) were posted on the blog. 

In addition, the posts Performance Boosters…., Just five minutes… A short story …..Cheers….Model answer by CBSE students… were well received.

In this new session, it is hoped that we will be able to further our common endeavor to learn Physics without fear in real terms and fully prepare ourselves to face the examination with confidence.

I welcome the students to follow the blog, introduce it to the present class 12 students & to send their valuable suggestions to make our interaction a fruitful & long-lasting one.

On my part, I will try to work out ways & means to make the blog more meaningful & user-friendly in addition to devise methods to come closer to my old and new students.


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