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Videos…Current Electricity-VI


Dear students

In continuation of a series of videos on CURRENT ELECTRICITY, a new video CURRENT ELECTRICITY-VI is being posted. The video deals with Combination of resistances. A few problems on the topic are also included to reinforce the concepts you have learnt in this video.

REMEMBER: Your effort/self study is the most important. All external factors may just guide you as to how you should work. It is important for you to continue learning by written practice and solving additional problems from CBSE previous year papers..

You may practice a large no. of  problems in order to muster confidence.

For notes on important topics in the lesson ,CURRENT ELECTRICITY of Physics Class 12, you may look into the topics in the lesson covered in this blog.

Here is the link to the video:

Happy Learning!

It is advisable to watch the videos in sequence i.e. CE-I, CE-II, CE-III CE-IV, CE-V followed by part VI..


The next video will be a continuation of the lesson on Current Electricity……..& we will discuss Grouping of cells.


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