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The video deals with Cyclotron; a very important topic in class 12 CBSE Physics. To understand the same, it will be of great help if you watch the video ‘Motion of a charge in magnetic field.’

Click below to watch the video:

The relevant note are in the following file:



Videos….Lorentz force

The video describes Lorentz force and the effect of Magnetic field on K. E. of  charge moving in the field. It is a very important force and is used in CYCLOTRON; a topic usually asked in CBSE exams.

The link to the video is as under:

The next video will deal with CYCLOTRON.

Electrical Measurements….( Meter bridge & Potentiometer )

Dear students,

It is a pleasure to write to you again with a new project in our effort to make learning Physics for you easier. In order to give you a feeling of the real Class room teaching learning process, we at physicsbeckons are trying to produce and present all the CBSE Physics class 12 curriculum in the form of videos. To begin with, two videos on the lesson Current Electricity (Physics) class 12 are being uploaded.

The video Current Electricity-VIII is an introduction to Kirchoff’s laws. Current Electricity-IX deals with Meter Bridge & its applications. The video Current Electricity-X gives a clear application of Potentiometer principle and its application to compare EMF’s and to find the internal resistance of a given cell.

The relevant notes are also being made available for your ready reference. You may click below for the same:



The link to the videos are as under:



Your feedback is welcome.

Videos…Current Electricity-VIII

The present video will give you an introduction to Kirchhoff’s laws. The laws are very important from examination point of view.

Click below to watch the video.

Happy learning!