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On this day I humbly bow to all my teachers whose incessant efforts, untiring zeal, caring nature, keen desire to make me discover knowledge inspired me to follow their foot-steps & be what I am today.
I can recall having entered the school in my childhood holding someone’s finger.
I can also recall the day I graduated from my school with my fingers strong enough to guide many others.
For all my students, I only pray that they get sincere, hardworking, farsighted teachers like me who prepare them to face the challenges which the life offers with great courage,confidence, conviction and succeed in their respective endeavors and enable them to make a positive mark on the society.
My sincere best wishes to my fellow teachers & students.
I also wish to remember with great respect Dr.S Radhakrishnan, the great visionary, whose birthday we celebrate today & who has given we the teachers a day to rededicate ourselves to the task of making a mark in the lives of the students entrusted to our care.
My Best Wishes
I K Gogia.


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