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Set your priorities right………. A Short Story………

Physics beckons

Dear Students
Here is a story I would like to share with you as you use the internet for this blog. I read it over 30 years ago and feel this is the most appropriate time to share it with you.
‘Virtue’ (good habits) and ‘Vice’ (bad habits) were identical twin sisters. In early childhood, they could be differentiated by different clothes they wore. Once the twins went to take a bath in a river. They left their clothes on the riverside. Vice came out first. True to her name, she thought of a mischief and wore her sister’s clothes and left. When Virtue came out, she has no choice but to wear the clothes left by Vice. The two have never met since and appear to have deceptive looks.
What appears to be Virtue or Vice may actually not be so.
It is important for each one of…

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Videos: Electrostatics-IX

The next video Electrostatics-IX is being posted for your perusal.

The contents are:

*Concept of Capacitance

**Parallel Plate Capacitor

***Series & Parallel combination of Capacitors

****Energy stored in a capacitor 

The video link is given below:

Happy Learning!

Videos: Electrostatics-VIII

The next video Electrostatics-VIII is being posted for your perusal.

The contents are

Electrostatic Potential

Relation between E & V

Equipotential surfaces

The video link is given below:

Happy Learning!

EXAMINATION-2015: The Countdown begins….. How to prepare……

Dear Students,

As you inch towards the exams, the blog intends to inspire & guide you to learn physics with confidence.

This blog will be your friend and guide in your journey towards the examination. This is not the time to look back on any past poor performance. This is the time to start the preparation in right earnest

Your last mile is the most important mile and is also my first priority.

To begin with, I am posting a list of some of the topics. This forms the Minimum Level of Learning (MLL).

The students who still happen to be poor performers may work on these articles. Just to assist you in your preparation, I will be posting study materials on each of these topics (Chapter wise) within a month.

A set of solved question papers(Solved) will also be posted.

Here is the MLL for you….


Happy Learning!

P. S. :I would really appreciate if you leave your valuable comments/suggestions about the blog and the study material posted.

EXAMINATION 2015:…….The Countdown begins…….

PHYSICS SAMPLE PAPER 2014-15 Examination

Dear Students,

The present post marks the beginning of a series of articles in the blog intending to inspire you to learn Physics & face the examination with confidence.

This blog will be your friend and guide as you take the final leap towards the examination.

Your last mile is the most important mile and is also my first priority.

To begin with, I am posting the latest sample paper issued by the CBSE for 2014-15 examination.

Shortly the solution to the sample paper will also be posted. This will be followed by a number of useful articles to help boost your score & confidence.

You will do well to follow the blog for further updates.

Happy Learning!

The sample paper:

Physics Sample paper

Videos: ELECTROSTATICS-VII….Electrostatic Potential

The present video Video ELECTROSTATICS-VII…. is a continuation of the unit ELECTROSTATICS & deals with potential, potential difference, the potential due to  point charge and due to a dipole. The concept of potential due to a spherical shell will be developed in the next video.

The topics covered are:

Electrostatic potential and potential difference

Potential due to a point charge

Potential due to an electric dipole
The video can be viewed from the following link:

Happy learning!

Search the blog for notes on the topic.

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CONGRATS…..ISRO takes a big leap towards manned space mission……

The launch may be viewed using the link below:

The report carried in The Hindu about the launch…..

ISRO successfully tests the atmospheric re-entry of a crew module

Dot 9.30 am, India’s first experimental flight GSLV Mark III took off successfully from the second launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, in Sriharikota on Thursday. Also known as LVM3/CARE, this suborbital experimental mission was intended to test the vehicle performance during the critical atmospheric phase of its flight and this carried passive (non functional) cryogenic upper stage.

“Everything went off as expected. This new launch vehicle performed very well and is a great success. We had an unmanned crew module to understand re-entry characteristics. That also went off successfully and it has touched down in the Bay of Bengal,” said ISRO’s chief K. Radhakrishnan.

In exactly about five and half minutes after taking off, the vehicle carried its payload — the 3775 kg crew module Atmospheric Re-entry experiment (CARE) — to the intended height of 126 km.

Two massive S-200 solid strap-on boosters, each carrying 207 tonnes of solid propellants, ignited at the vehicle lift off and after functioning normally, separated 153.5 seconds later. L110 liquid stage ignited 120 seconds after lift off, while S200s were still functioning for the next 204.6 seconds.

CARE separated from the passive C25 cryogenic upper stage of GSLV Mark III 330.8 seconds after lift off and began its guided descent for atmospheric re-entry. The CARE module landed over Andaman Sea about 1,600 km from Sriharikota, this was the finishing line.

Following this the CARE separated from the upper stage of GSLV Mark III and re-entered the atmosphere and safely landed over Bay of Bengal with the help of its parachutes about 20 minutes 43 second after lift off.

“As it made it’s way back into our atmosphere the parachutes that brought it down really worked well and we are pleased with the performance. This is a step towards manned space flight as the module that has been designed to carry astronauts has touched down safely. The coast guard ships that were 100 km away from the touchdown point lost sight of it briefly, but the module continued to communicate it’s location to us,” said Unnikrishnan Nair, the man behind the Manned Space Flight mission.

With today’s successful launch, the vehicle has moved a step closer to its first development flight with the functional C25 cryogenic stage. “The payload capabilities that we can now handle have been significantly enhanced. After the success of the dummy stage cry engine tested in this rocket, we will have greater confidence to put the cryogenic engine in it within 2 years,” said S. Somanath, Mission Director of LVM-3.

Videos: ELECTROSTATICS-VI….Applications of Gauss Theorem.

Continuing the series; Videos: ELECTROSTATICS, Part VI is being posted. Applications of Gauss theorem to derive expression for electric field intensity due to symmetric charge distributions has been discussed in this video. The topic is very important….

The topics covered are:

Field due to a line of charge

Field due to a large flat sheet

Field due to a charged spherical shell
The video can be viewed from the following link:

Happy learning!

Search the blog for notes on the topic.

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Expression for drift velocity

The video explains the mechanism of current flow in the conductors.
An expression for drift speed has been derived in this video.
The topic discussed is a part of CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus.
The video may be watched using the link below:


Continuing the series; Videos: ELECTROSTATICS, Part V is being posted. It deal with Electric Flux & Gauss theorem. The topic is very important….
The video can be viewed/downloaded from the following link:

Happy learning!

P.S….Next video; Applications of Gauss theorem

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