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Examination 2015: The Countdown Begins……II


Dear Students

Hope your Pre-Board exams are over & you have received the results…….

Congrats to all who have done well & if you have not; here is an assurance that there is no reason for despair.

Leave the results of the pre-boards behind.

Now is the time to look ahead and prepare yourself for Physics. If you are worried about the subject; just do not panic.

Here are a few tips…

Visit MLL (Minimum Level of Learning) in the blog and download the same. It is a list of important topics which you must learn to get through.

Initially; don’t worry about your weak areas in the subject. Concentrate on your strong areas and reinforce the same.

Easy things first…. Learn the lessons which are very easy. That will give you the much-neede confidence.

The chapters, I would classify as simple and easy to learn with approximate marks allotted to each are:

EMW….3 marks

Communication systems…5marks

Value based questions…2 to 3 marks

Current Electricity…7 marks

Electronic devices… 7 marks

Dual nature of matter and readiations …4 marks.

Learn 5 marks questions from the previous years CBSE papers because they are often repeated.

You will find a fair number of solved papers in this blog.

Plan a schedule for study & Work on the plan.

The schedule should have a judicious mix of the study hours and the break/relaxation time. Don’t study for too long hours at a stretch. Give yourself  a gap. But make sure to return to the study table after the gap. This is very important. In addition:

  • Take care of your diet; it is essential to keep your energy level high.
  •  Remain focused and relaxed during preparation. Avoid nervousness.
  • Seek help when you need. Your teachers, parents & even friends can help. This may however need some planning.
  • Meditation & light exercises will be of great help for both body  & mind.

Keep yourself calm. Remember: It is most important for you & you alone. Don’t lose temper if you are advised to study longer by the parents. Frayed tempers would harm you & you alone.

Remember….It is your future which is at stake. 

Work with the confidence that a grand success awaits you.

Happy learning and best wishes!


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