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Towards Examination (Physics) 2015 with Confidence………


Dear Students,

I hope you must have done well in English paper.

In order to supplement your efforts, I will be posting five sets of Solved Questions with model answers.

In addition I will also be posting one practice paper each day.

It is advised to go through the questions carefully to  understand what has been asked in the particular question. It is also important to rule out what has not been asked. The answers should be in accordance with the spirit of the language of the question.

Please try the unsolved papers in the schedule as per CBSE paper i.e. 10:15 AM to 13:30 PM. This will set your body clock accordingly.

Feel free to contact me in case you need any help. The contact no. is in the blog. Please stick to the time schedule mentioned.

Sample Ques with model answers-1

Practice Paper 1

Happy Learning!



  1. P K Patidar says:

    Thank you very much sir. I am sharing this with my students.

  2. P K Patidar says:

    To Its time for second sample paper. When you are going to upload it.

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