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Congrats! India reaches for stars………

With successful launch of ASTROSAT, India now is in an elite four nation group US, Russia, Japan & Europe, with an observatory in space for study & better understanding of the universe…..

ASTROSAT is India’s first dedicated multi wavelength space observatory. This scientific satellite mission endeavours for a more detailed understanding of our universe.  One of the unique features of ASTROSAT mission is that it enables the simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of various astronomical objects with a single satellite.

ASTROSAT will observe universe in the optical, Ultraviolet, low and high energy X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, whereas most other scientific satellites are capable of observing a narrow range of wavelength band. Multi-wavelength observations of ASTROSAT can be further extended with co-ordinated observations using other spacecraft and ground based observations. All major astronomy Institutions and some Universities in India will participate in these observations.For details, read on…..


Sept. 28; Another important day in history of space exploration by India

ASTROSAT (Astronomical Observation Satellite) & six other foreign satellites to be launched by ISRO.

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Wave Optics (Assignment)

Dear friends

On persistent request from a number of students, a comprehensive assignment on WAVE OPTICS has been introduced.

You will do well to visit the section ‘All About Wave Optics’ for a complete look at the unit or click below for the assignment.

WAVE OPTICS (Assignment)


In order to help you reinforce learning & to give you some practice in understanding & mastering the technique of problem solving, here are a few MCQs from the unit Kinematics. The series will be continued to include more questions in this unit and to cover other units.

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Kinematics MCQs-1
Happy learning!

Sample paper (Vol.I) PHYSICS Class: XI

With half yearly exams approaching,here is a sample paper for practice for CBSE students of Class 11. The problems are based on Physics for XI Vol I.

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Sample paper XI Vol. I

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