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Having spent over 38 years in class room teaching, I decided to seek voluntary retirement from the job as a PGT (Physics) from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan with the aim of extending the boundary of my classroom and interact with a much larger section of students and teachers.

Each day of my long teaching career when I left my class room, I was thrilled to see the satisfaction on the faces of the students I interacted with.

Hence this blog.It has certain long term and short term goals.

To begin with, the blog will aim at the ensuing CBSE examination in March 2014 and help the students to perform better.

You will find articles/notes/practice questions to reinforce learning and garner much needed confidence before you take on the final exam.

P.S. – Due to paucity of time, some errors may creep in. I will appreciate if the same are brought to my notice.

Feel free to write any problems on your mind as you prepare for the CBSE examination.

I hope to have a fruitful long term association.


  1. Raj Kawal Dua says:

    good job,keep it up.We wish all the success in this two-in -one venture.This will definitely help all students as you develop the confidence in Aarushi and Falak,who are now doing good as Doctor and manager in Export House..

  2. Sir, i am a student in Kendriya Vidyalaya A.M.C. Lucknow, and i saw many post on your blog.Right now i am in class 9th but i understood some of the posts and this is a great effort by you i wish that when i will reach class 12 this blog will be there for my help in studies as physics and computer science are my favorite subjects.So,sir please continue your blog.And this blog will help plenty of students like me who want to know the basic ideas behind the every law in physics.So, once again i appreciate your effort and i hope this blog will continue to help students like me.
    -Thank You

    • I K Gogia says:

      Good to see you taking interest in the blog at this stage! Keep your interest up in the wonderful world of Physics.
      I wish to continue my long term relationship with the students.
      Keep following the blog. There will be topics which I believe be of interest to you.

  3. Chetna Bhasin says:

    Great posts! I think this is really helpful for people like us who have always struggled with Physics 🙂
    The content here has been articulated in very simple terms, which I’m sure is very valuable for students. Hope more students can reap the benefits of this blog, making this more successful by the day.

    Best regards,

  4. Deepesh Mishra says:

    hello sir i am deepesh Mishra student of class 12th of KV sehore n i see your blog n i am very interested in studying physics i wanted to score 70/70 in my board examination. i find too many important things in your blog thanxx for starting this blog sir i wanted something like that in which i can find too many things about physics. ..

  5. NAVIN KUMAR says:

    Such a great effort sir, I am sure this is blog is going to prove itself, a great help for the students.

  6. sanjay kumar jha says:

    The content here has been articulated in very simple terms, which I’m sure is very valuable for students.

  7. P K Patidar says:

    Good job sir,
    I am getting inspired.

  8. manviupadhyay999 says:

    Wonderful work done Sir,You make Physics so simple and interesting.It help the class 11th & 12th students very much.

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