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All About Communication Systems……

Dear  Students,

It gives me pleasure to note that the series ‘ALL ABOUT…..’ clubbing the posts for every single Unit started a few days back with All About Electrostatics….as the first post was well received & appreciated.

Taking impetus from the response,a number of other units have also been clubbed.

The present ‘ALL ABOUT…..’ series by the author in ‘physicsbeckons’  is in line with our aim  to help you learn ‘Physics without fear’.

Here is ALL ABOUT Communication Systems for you…..

This unit in the CBSE class 12 syllabus carries about 5 marks and has a special advantage that generally direct questions are asked in this unit. The numerical problems in this unit are also very simple.

*The Videos

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*The notes

Communication Systems-I

Communication Systems-II

Communication Systems-III

*The Assignment

Communication Systems

It is advisable to reinforce learning in the unit by trying to solve problems from Previous year papers.

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Continuing the series; Videos: ELECTROSTATICS, Part V is being posted. It deal with Electric Flux & Gauss theorem. The topic is very important….
The video can be viewed/downloaded from the following link:

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P.S….Next video; Applications of Gauss theorem

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Supplementary material for AISSCE 2015 Physics issued by CBSE

Dear friends,
CBSE has introduced a few new contemporary topics in the Physics syllabus for 2015 exam (class 12).
The supplementary study material has now been issued by CBSE. It will be useful for the students of class 12 as it will define the limits to which the topics are to be studied.

As the content is new, it is generally expected that questions will be asked from these topic. The topics are simple and easy to understand. Please go through the same carefully.

Please share the material with all students.

Communication Systems-II

In continuation with Part-I of the Unit Communication Systems in CBSE class XII syllabus, the second & the final part II is being posted.

Please go through the lesson carefully and put in enough written practice followed by practicing C. B. S. E. previous years problems.

Click below to continue.

Communication Systems-2



This last unit in the CBSE class 12 syllabus carries 5 marks and has a special advantage that generally direct questions are asked in this unit. The numerical problems in this unit are also very simple.The lesson has been specially written in a different format with an aim to achieve SELF LEARNING through FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT at different stages as you go through the lesson.

To facilitate learning, the lesson has been divided in two parts Part I is being posted now and Part -II will be posted shortly.It is suggested to go in for careful reading followed by written practice to reinforce learning through a question bank which will be sent on request.Do go through previous year questions also to get an idea of the type of questions asked in the examination. The 5 marks may be all yours.



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