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Latest CBSE Sample Papers


CBSE has issued new sample papers for March 2017 examination for Physics & a number of other subjects. For the papers, please visit our new website:

Assignment: EMI & AC

Launching a Friendly Physics Website for Teachers & students +

Assignment: EMI & AC

Dear Students

To view/download EMI AND AC(assignment); visit

Launching a Friendly Physics Website for Teachers & students

Dear Teachers/students,

With the number of posts in the blog growing, the search for relevant content became difficult.In order to make the content well arranged & user friendly, we are launching a website:

It classifies as well as clubs the posts pertaining to a particular unit in a single site.

This will facilitate learning & make it enjoyable.

Some special features of the site are:

  • Well defined menu
  • Classification of content (Unitwise)
  • Different sections like Videos, notes, assignments etc.
  • Solved CBSE Physics papers
  • Sample papers for practice
  • MCQs for Conceptual Clarity
  • Tips & Tricks for Low & High achievers
  • A special section on TECHNOLOGY AIDED TEACHING (TAT) to empower the teachers in classroom interactions 

Happy Teaching/Learning!

Teaching Tools for Technology aided Teaching (TAT): A new initiative by PHYSICSBECKONS

Dear friends/colleagues

We at PHYSICSBECKONS constantly aim at making Physics Teaching-Learning a pleasure: easy & enjoyable.

In an attempt to further this aim, we are introducing a new section to include powerful Technology aided Teaching tools to help you in the class room teaching to make Teaching Easier & Learning Joyful.

It is hoped that use of these tools will help bring home the clear concepts of the subject to the students faster, giving you sufficient time for problem discussion, revision and to prepare the students for the CBSE exams.

I always believe that TATs should be tailor-made with a specific goal of Content Delivery in mind in real class-room situation & hence designed by teachers with actual class-room experience and not by tecnocrats.

This initiative also helps me to meet a long overdue request by some friends to introduce such a section.

Your critical feedback is always a source of inspiration & is always welcome.

Here is the introductory tool for Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation.

Click below to begin.

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter-I

Happy Teaching!

“Physics beyond the Standard Model.” Neutrinos have mass….

Nobel Prize in Physics announced:

The noble prize in Physics for 2015 has been shared by a Japanese & a Canadian scientist…

For details of the press release of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Click below:

The prize has been awarded for an entirely new discovery which the neutrinos, so far considered massless have some very small mass.

The curious reader may get some details from the link below:

Neutrino ‘flip’ wins physics Nobel Prize

Neutrino ‘flip’ wins physics Nobel Prize

Congrats! India reaches for stars………

With successful launch of ASTROSAT, India now is in an elite four nation group US, Russia, Japan & Europe, with an observatory in space for study & better understanding of the universe…..

ASTROSAT is India’s first dedicated multi wavelength space observatory. This scientific satellite mission endeavours for a more detailed understanding of our universe.  One of the unique features of ASTROSAT mission is that it enables the simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of various astronomical objects with a single satellite.

ASTROSAT will observe universe in the optical, Ultraviolet, low and high energy X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, whereas most other scientific satellites are capable of observing a narrow range of wavelength band. Multi-wavelength observations of ASTROSAT can be further extended with co-ordinated observations using other spacecraft and ground based observations. All major astronomy Institutions and some Universities in India will participate in these observations.For details, read on…..


Wave Optics (Assignment)

Dear friends

On persistent request from a number of students, a comprehensive assignment on WAVE OPTICS has been introduced.

You will do well to visit the section ‘All About Wave Optics’ for a complete look at the unit or click below for the assignment.

WAVE OPTICS (Assignment)

Work, Power & Energy-IX

The present video is in continuation with a new series for CBSE, ICSE & K-12 Physics students on the unit Work, Power & Energy. The topic covered is  elastic & inelastic two dimensional collisions.

Click below to watch Work, Power & Energy-IX.–gLKKjvTU

Happy learning!

Work; Power & Energy-VI

The present video is in continuation with a new series for CBSE, ICSE & K-12 Physics students on the unit Work, Power & Energy. The topic covered is Work-Energy Theorem.

Click below to watch Work, Power & Energy-VI.

Happy learning!

Work; Power & Energy-V

The present video is in continuation with a new series for CBSE, ICSE & K-12 Physics students on the unit Work, Power & Energy. The topics covered are Energy; forms of energy; units; Kinetic energy & expression for K. E.

Click below to watch Work, Power & Energy-V

Remembering the legend; An Inspiration to the young generation : Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam

Our beloved former president Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam may have left for his heavenly abode but will always continue to rule & guide innumerable young minds he interacted with. Despite occupying the highest office of the land, he had a vision for the country for which he made relentless efforts with an eye on future. He has planted his dreams in our present generation as he hosted and talked to the school and college students in the Rashtrapati Bhawan. I also happened to attend one such session with the honourable president. His childlike enthusiasm for rapid growth of the nation & development of scientific temperament was there for all to feel.

I sincerely hope that the seeds sown by Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam will bear fruits in the form of growing scientists, statesmen, teachers, scribes, professionals,intellectuals, honest politicians…….and great citizens of India which was always close to hi heart.

It is the time for every citizen of India in general & students in particular to open leaves from his life and try to imbibe the idels he lived for.

Given below is a link to 10 great lessons we can learn from his life….